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Law Office Of Roosevelt Nesmith is comprised of hand-selected innovators who bring a wide range of experience to our practice, allowing us to provide dedicated service in many areas of the law. We bring our expertise to cases of Civil Law, Family Law, and Criminal Law, and we are well-known for providing actionable legal strategy and advice in any situation.

Our abilities are unparalleled in the industry when it comes to organizing and presenting complex claims, negotiating with tenacity, and providing premium advice, resulting in a long history of positive results for our clients.

It is our commitment to you that sets us apart from the rest. Legal proceedings are often associated with a lot of worry and stress. By working with us as soon as possible, we can alleviate this stress for you. We focus on building a solid strategy that gives you the confidence you need to get a full night’s rest. We do this by getting to know the unique details of your circumstance in great detail, performing intensive due diligence and by fully explaining the details of the laws governing your situation. When all of your legal routes are laid out with clarity, it is a lot easier for you to be confident in the difficult choices you may be facing.

Our Legal Team

The diversity of our practice and the quality of our reputation make us a reliable first choice for clients. Whether you are currently facing legal issues, or are looking to avoid them through careful planning and compliance, we are here to help. Changes in government regulations and disputes can arise at any time. You need an attorney who is ready to respond while keeping your best interests at the forefront of the strategy.

Our legal team understands the necessity of open communication throughout all legal processes. We are committed to being easily accessible to our clients so you can get the information and advice you need when you need it.

If you not feeling confident with your current representation, it is important to consider other options because you may not be receiving the quality of legal advice you are paying for. Our lawyers ensure you are fully confident in our ability to perform at all times, and that all of your questions have been answered completely.

Our Local Office

Our law office in Montclair, New Jersey is conveniently located to serve all of your legal needs. We welcome you to visit or call with inquiries at any time.

Whether you are facing criminal charges and are in need of a solid litigation strategy, or you are a business or individual looking for information specific to your upcoming project, we have the answers that add value and peace of mind to your experience. From complex international business transactions and dispute resolution to property acquisitions, real estate logistics and more, we are your affordable, full-service law office

Commitment to Value

Providing value to our community and the people and businesses who thrive here is what we do best.

We are driven by our goal to improve relations between individuals, companies, government, and industries here and beyond our city. We believe we can achieve this goal by providing the most comprehensive, up-to-date legal information and strategy to each of our clients.

Give us a call to find out more about how Law Office Of Roosevelt Nesmith attorneys can save you time and money, contributing to a positive outcome for you and your loved ones.