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Class Action Lawsuits

When a company makes a mistake, their customers may suffer the impacts. In the event that many customers are impacted negatively by a company’s actions, they may choose to take legal action in the form of a class action lawsuit.

Any one person who has been impacted by the violations committed by a company can bring a lawsuit on behalf of everyone else who has been affected by the same violations. The person who makes the choice to file the lawsuit against the company is known as the lead plaintiff throughout the case. This person has certain responsibilities with regard to the prosecution of the case and is required to attend the meetings, depositions, and trial on behalf of all others who are considered to be impacted by the wrongdoings of the company. The group of people who are working together to bring a lawsuit against the company is known as the class.

Some of the reasons that a group of people may consider filing a class action lawsuit include, but are not limited to a Ponzi scheme, a major defective product recall or cases of consumer fraud. The saying “strength in numbers” is true when it comes to filing a class action lawsuit. It is important that consumers hold companies accountable for their actions to ensure that they are not able to scam more consumers down the road. It becomes much easier to hold major corporations accountable when many people take legal action as one unit.

There is little chance of success when it is just one person filing an individual lawsuit against a large company because of the financial burden of litigation. A class action makes it financially possible to prosecute claims that would otherwise be too small to litigation on an individual basis. If you believe you may have a class action case, consult with an experienced attorney who can provide you with assistance.