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Frequently Asked Questions

The Law Office of Roosevelt Nesmith has dedicated years of service clarifying the law in all practice areas. We serve businesses, individuals, families, government sectors and industries, protecting your rights and freedoms aggressively. The following is a list of answers to the broad questions we are most frequently asked:

Q: What are the primary responsibilities of an attorney?

A: The primary responsibilities of an attorney from the Law Office Of Roosevelt Nesmith are to uphold the law and protect your rights and interests. It is our responsibility to know the law inside and out and to anticipate and prepare for sudden changes in regulation.

Q: How much does an attorney cost?

A: Every legal issue is different and therefore requires a unique amount of time, documentation processing, and disbursement fees to complete our work to your satisfaction. During an initial consultation, we will explore the details of your circumstances and discuss the costs of representation with you. Our rates are determined based on specific tasks, such as will drafting where flat rate payments are applicable. They are also based on flexible pricing that is quoted at your consultation since the work requirements vary in order to produce favorable outcomes for you.

Q: What are my options if I cannot afford an attorney?

A: If you cannot afford an attorney, you may qualify for legal aid. If you are facing criminal charges and you cannot afford a lawyer, it is your constitutional right to be appointed qualified legal defense and you will be guaranteed legal assistance.

Q: I’m meeting with my attorney for the first time. How can I be prepared?

A: The first thing you should do to prepare to meet with your attorney for the first time is to arrive with all of the documents available to you that support your case. It is a good idea to write down any dates or important details so you can provide as clear an outline of the facts to us as possible. Here is a list of suggestions that will help you feel prepared:

  • Prepare to talk about fees and your expectations.
  • Go over any letters, emails or documents we have sent to you before you arrive.
  • If you are a legal aid client, bring the certifications legal aid has provided to you.
  • Keep all of your documents organized in one easy to transport place.
  • Arrive on time.
  • Respond to any phone calls, emails or information requests we make.
  • Prepare a list of questions you would like us to answer.

Q: How do I know if an attorney is reputable or if they will be the best one for me?

A: A little research goes a long way when it comes to hiring a lawyer who can produce favorable results for you. Our track record of superior client satisfaction and positive rulings and outcomes speaks for itself. Getting to know our clients is important to us, and it should be important to you too. Paying a lawyer who makes you feel like just another number is not the best use of your time and money. Our lines of communication are open 24/7 so you can reach us with questions whenever you need answers.

For more detailed information, and answers questions specific to your circumstances, contact our office to book a no-obligation consultation.

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